“The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.”

– Bruce Lee

Eric Eicher

From the time he was a kid coaching his uncle to billboard branding success with his Mayflower franchise (“ If April Showers Bring Mayflowers What Does Mayflowers Bring? Furniture”), Eric “Ike” Eicher has believed that brands need personality.

A Ball State grad (Chirp Chirp), Ike was also a member of Delta Tau Delta and cultivated a love and talent for DJing while in college.

During his first six years out of school, he worked for an Omnicom agency, with clients including AMEX and White Castle. Following Omnicom, he served as Advertising Manager at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, where he managed a $5.5 million dollar budget and staff.

He transitioned into an Indianapolis PR agency, handling high level strategy and working primarily with co-creative directors on branding, campaigns, print, and digital/web work.

Ike’s career includes experience with nationally known brands plus work in PR, internal communications, employer engagement and branding and diversity initiatives. He has also directed advertising campaigns – TV, radio, print, billboard, web/digital, and strategy. 

In 2011, Ike combined his love of music and a passion for branding into telling stories with video via his own company – IKECONIC – where he continued with branding, digital/web and video work.

2018 marked the formation of RightHand with partner Bryan Kryder, a firm built on marketing and communications ABOUT people and CONNECTING people to other people through different types of mediums.

Ike would say that his diverse career has enabled  him to market just about everything.  From jobs to slinging burgers to high profile auto racing, he’s interacted with small and big companies, high profile athletes, C-level executives, and everyone in between.  

A dedicated husband and dad to two kids, Ike recognizes that family is everything.  Quality, honesty and fun matter most when it comes to his relationship with clients. And he is constantly driven to help their brands connect to people with great content.