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100 Cameras for 100 Kids

Capture Your Future

The 100 Cameras for 100 Kids program is on a mission to empower youth in Indianapolis with the transformative power of photography. This innovative initiative by The Next Generation provides underserved young people the opportunity to unlock their creative potential through a 6-week training program on the art of photography.

Now, you can support this impactful program through RightHand's limited-edition t-shirt collaboration. Designed in partnership with Black Sheep Collective and artist Byron Elliott, these exclusive shirts feature uplifting messaging that echoes the program's goals of cultivating confidence and creativity in youth. Your purchase of a tee will help support young people, opening doors to future creative careers.

Join RightHand and The Next Generation by sporting attire with purpose. All proceeds from t-shirts sold will be donated directly to the 100 Cameras for 100 Kids program, so your purchase will help support local young people and open doors to future creative careers.

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