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B2H Strategy

Unlocking the Power of the human Connection.

Great communication is about connection.

Not Business to Business or Business to Consumer, rather Business to Human. (B2H)

It’s about delivering a message that meets a person where they are, to move them to action with emotion, and to hit strategic goals.


We believe the best way to know your audience is to listen to them. When we listen to understand and without expectation - we hear perspectives, experiences, and perceptions that provides the foundation for strong strategies. 

Whether it is internal communications or brand positioning and messaging, stakeholder research begins the process to develop shared definition and common language. Information is gathered through in-person or virtual co-creation sessions that inspire meaningful and honest dialogue. At the core of each session is empathy reflected in not only the activities and questions asked, but a judgment-free zone for participants to know their genuine answers will be appreciated for their authenticity. 

From there, the RightHand team jumps in to sort, analyze, group, and bring all the data together. Or what our team likes to call - “making sense of the mess.” This step is when the insights are formed by analyzing:

  • Observational analysis 

  • Common themes

  • Constraints/challenges

  • Growth opportunities 

  • Recommendations 

This is all packaged up into an alignment document that gives our clients a detailed overview of what we heard, learned, and observed. This document is used to make sure our client’s internal teams are aligned before we move into any strategic branding, communication, or creative work. 

we believe our approach allows brands to talk WITH people and not just AT them."

The idea is simple. To be strategic, we need a foundation. To connect, we need to understand. To understand business, we need to be human. B2H.

Reach out to us for more details or to get started.

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