A human-centered approach to strategy and creative solutions.



Your brand already exists so it’s RIGHTHAND’s job to capture data, along with your unique brand attributes, and effectively tell that story to the audience that engages with your product or service. Research, co-creation sessions and stakeholder interviews (we’ll figure out the right recipe) will let us find the voice of your brand. These insights are then used for rebranding or branding initiatives including logo development, brand positioning, messaging, color palettes, iconography and brand standards.


Communication Strategy

RIGHTHAND studies your pain points, gather insights from our interactions, understands the motivation of your audiences and builds out the journey for them. You communicate in a way that showcases your brand, solves human problems and is correctly tailored for your audience.

Content Creation

A good strategy paves the way for your content creation – brand films, online series, instructional videos, product rollouts, and storytelling…there are no limits to where you go with your RIGHTHAND plan of action. In the process, we help you create and catalog an asset library that can be used for social media, public relations, training or customer communication.


Why do we emphasize video as a strategy and not just a tactic? Video opens up varied avenues for content creation across your sales tools, onboarding, education, blogs, case studies and more.  Plus it can be tailored to internal and external audiences, creating an effective and creative campaign for disseminating messages.

In the end, video best taps into our emotions; your audience may not always want to read but they do feel. RIGHTHAND firmly believes that video breaks down barriers and allows for an emotional connection.

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