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Our Projects

We embrace diversity as a key driver of better outcomes, bringing unique experiences and perspectives to the table. Our genuine care for clients goes beyond profits, as we focus on forming strong connections and contributing to the success of our communities. Through open communication, active listening, and a national network of experts, we deliver personalized solutions with purpose, standing united in strength for positive change.

USA Hockey

Through a blend of video, motion graphics, and compelling storytelling, we partnered with USA Hockey Women's National Team to expertly convey their narrative. Our collaborative efforts ensured their story was brought to life in a captivating manner.

We developed the campaign "Dear Moira," which beautifully expressed the gratitude that all INHP employees, board members, community partners, and mentees felt towards their retiring President and CEO to secure funds to further INHP's mission.

IUPUI School of Health and Human Sciences

We collaborated with SHHS to showcase the people that make the school a unique and powerful partner for the health care, sports, events, and tourism industries in Indianapolis. 

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